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Let us first understand together what the given kind of household appliances is and what they are intended for. So, the food processor is a multifunctional mechanical, electric household device designed for processing various food products.

What kind of food processor does your kitchen need?

The food processor combines a whole range of universal functions: a meat grinder, a mixer, a blender, a grater, a shredder and a slicer. Depending on the type, this household appliance can be with a screw grinder, a juicer, as well as a universal one – a symbiosis of a meat grinder and a juicer.

The main functions of a food processor are:

shredding and grinding;

squeezing juice;

whipping of cocktails, mousses and creams;

kneading the dough.

Constructive solution

The most common type of this type of household appliance is a device that is made in a classic style. It is an electric motor that is located in the housing and is combined with the control panel, a stand for placing the main cup is attached to the side of it, and a belt drive is provided inside this stand providing the torque from the engine to the drive of the nozzles. Very often directly on the main body is provided a fastener for the blender cup. The volume of the main cup is approximately equal to 2-5 liters, and the blender cups are 1-1.5 liters. The modern type is the model of the food processor Philips HR 7625.


Philips HR 7625

Philips HR 7625: reliable, multifunctional, inexpensive, compact and cute food processor


One of the most convenient, but at the same time, complex and costly designs of food processors is the lever transmission scheme. In this scheme, the electric motor is also “hidden” in the housing with the controls of the household appliance, but under the work cup, no part is allocated from the stand, and the drive for the attachments is located in a kind of lever that is fixed at the top of the device and falls directly into the container .

Power Consumption

In modern models of food processors, power consumption starts at 50-100 watts – for the simplest devices that have one or two high-speed modes, like the Philips HR 7605, and can reach 1500 watts. Most medium-sized multifunctional food processors have a power consumption of 700-900 watts. Acquisition of a kitchen appliance of this type is more powerful than 1100-1200 watts will be justified only if you are forced to often process large volumes of foodstuffs by the nature of your activity.


Philips HR 7605

Philips HR 7605: single-speed food processor with a capacity of 350 watts

Variety of baits

The number of additional complete attachments and accessories, which greatly extend the functionality of food processors, can vary significantly from model to model. This factor is considered one of the most important, which ultimately affects the cost of this type of household appliance. As a rule, within the limits of one series the companies-manufacturers let out some models: since a base complete set and finishing the maximum complete set. Below are the main types of additional equipment that combine food processors.

Trowels and knives

Absolutely all models of combines are equipped with disk graters. In this case, the set of attachments can be included as non-separable, which in most cases is more often metal disks (this approach is much simpler from the constructive point of view), and a disk-base on which one or two plates with different shredding types are fixed (this approach will save space in the kitchen for storing baits). Compactness in storage is provided by two-sided discs, which can be fixed in different positions: on the one hand, these discs have cutting holes of the same diameter, and on the opposite side – of a different size.

Reviews to Philips HR-7625:

Rated 4
Pluses: Powerful enough, easily manageable, absolutely enough functions for such a price! Moderately noisy. Easy to clean. I am very pleased …
Disadvantages: A bit unusual and uncomfortable enough that the cups are fixed clockwise.
Betty Cruz.

Rated 5
Pluses: Beautiful, very compact, there are all the functions claimed by the manufacturer. Easily disassembled and collected, easy to clean. Waste is minimal.
Disadvantages: I bought a few days ago, so I can not say anything bad yet.
Long Nora

Reviews to Philips HR7605

Rated 5
Pluses: compact. does all the work that has taken so much time before
Disadvantages: has not yet noticed
Amelia gray

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