Outdoor Electric Grill BORK G802


To create a new game of flavors for already familiar dishes, you need a smart grill from BORK G802. This grill is so technological that it has its own LCD screen, with the ability to choose the type of product and the degree of its frying. Additional temperature control inside the product is carried out with the help of a special probe, and removable panels allow easy and convenient cleaning.


  • Temperature control

The built-in temperature probe, which is in the product and controls its readiness, measures the temperature of the meat to + 230 ┬░ C, transmitting on the grill display, to adjust the temperature and the operating time in automatic mode. It does not break the integrity of the steak, neatly placed on the side.

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  • Automatic Features

Grill BORK G802 has in its arsenal of automatic modes of operation, for cooking 5 types of meat with 4 degrees of its frying, to get an unsurpassed result.

  • Removable grill plates

Grill plates BORK G802, on which the preparation of products takes place, can conveniently be removed and cleaned. Due to the use of the three-layered unique coating of Quantanium, not only products are not burned to them, but soft detergents can be used to clean them.

  • Powerful

The BORK G802 electrogreen has a patented heating element -Element IQ, which is able to heat up quickly due to the high power of 2400W. A well-designed design of removable panels ensures their uniform heating across the entire plane, which will ensure the same uniform and quality roasting in any part of the product.

  • Tilt adjustment

The BORK G802 electrograve design allows you to choose how the dish will be prepared. In addition to the cooking programs, it is possible to select the degree of inclination of the grill panels in order to be able to adjust the amount of liquid in the finished dish. Now completely in your hands to cook a dietary steak without fat, or as juicy as possible, in its own juice.

  • Different height of the upper surface

Depending on what dish you are cooking, you can choose one of the six positions of the upper grasp of the grill. The main uses are for sandwiches, contact grill or barbecue modes. Now you do not have to adjust the products under the grill – the Grill Bork G802 can adjust to the size and height of the products themselves.

  • Additional Features

In addition, the BORK G802 grill has an auto-off timer, a removable grease tray, a stainless steel casing, and a two-year official warranty from the manufacturer.

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