Juicers: Citrus Juicers to Choose?


We all love juices – it’s tasty, healthy, healthy and healthy. But constantly buying fresh juices is quite expensive, so most people tend to buy a juicer for the house. A single investment – and vitamins, minerals and other useful substances in combination with an unsurpassed taste are guaranteed to you every day. 12 best orange juicer kokozinderr!

But, as it turns out, juicers differ not only in manufacturers and brands, but also in accordance with the principle of work. To make the right choice of juicer for the house, you need, first of all, to determine what juice and how much you plan to do, how important to you is the complete preservation of vitamins and the ability to regulate the intake of pomace in juice.

From our review of modern juicers you will learn the characteristics and operating principle of a mechanism of one type or another, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining natural juices in one way or another. We are sure that upon reading this article with a choice you will be determined much faster. And it will surely be in favor of you and your health.

Citrus Juicers

Probably, you should start with the simplest citrus juicers, designed to produce juice from one type of fruit (and only fruit). As the name suggests, this type allows you to make juices exclusively from citrus fruits. These restrictions are due to the very simple structure of the juicer: it is usually an engine, a cone nozzle and a container for juice.

The working principle of this juicer is as follows: the half of the fruit is put on the cone, after which the engine is started and the juice is squeezed into the container. The engine can be driven either from the hand pressing on the fruit, or through the lever – it depends on the particular model of the juicer. As a result of rotation and squeezing, the citrus juice is fed into the sovkhozbornik, and from the waste there remains only the peel from orange, lemon or grapefruit.

The advantages of this juicer are obvious: a simple device is easy to clean, easy to use, you always have the opportunity to please yourself and your family with a glass of fresh orange or lemon juice.

However, citrus juicers have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, this is the limited choice of taste – apple or, for example, plum juice with the help of such a juicer you will not get. Secondly, the working principle of citrus juicers is such that during the spinning process, the juice is heated, while losing some of the vitamins. Thirdly, this type of juicer is designed to produce a small amount of juice, while the speed of the juice extract depends directly on the power of the device.

The benefits of citrus juices for your health

Citrus juices are very popular – a tasty and refreshing drink contains many useful microelements and vitamins, which are so often lacking in our organisms in the autumn-spring period. With the help of electric juicers, you can get a glass of delicious fresh juice from grapefruits, oranges, lemons and other fruits in a matter of seconds.

Strengthening health with fresh citrus juices

Just one glass of juice contains a volume of ascorbic acid, which is equal to the daily rate! Its use positively affects the immune system of the body, helping it to fight against diseases and viruses. Fresh squeezed citrus juice is also useful for those who want to recover quickly after a complicated illness.

Separately it is worth noting the use of orange juice, brought to the cardiovascular system. Regular use of the drink allows you to strengthen the walls of the vessels and the heart muscle, cleanse the blood of harmful cholesterol.

We will save youth and an excellent figure

Low caloric content of freshly squeezed citrus juices will be a pleasant bonus for those who are used to watching their figure. It’s no secret that many components of diet drinks and dishes do not have a particularly pleasant aroma. It perfectly disguises the fine light odor of an orange or grapefruit. Due to the antioxidant properties of the juice, the cell cycle lasts much longer, eliminating wrinkles on the face and early aging of the skin.

Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract

The composition of citrus juices includes special acids, which increase the secretion of the stomach and help improve bowel function. Thus, the process of cleaning the gastrointestinal tract from harmful microelements is significantly accelerated, the problem of constipation is minimized. The risk of developing urolithiasis decreases, the body quickly gets rid of excess fluids.

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