How to open a restaurant from scratch and how much money does it need?

Despite the vast territory, our country lags far behind the states of Eastern and Western Europe in terms of the number of food outlets. For example, in Poland, the number of such establishments is almost double, and in Spain – almost six. According to experts, even despite the unstable economic situation, the Russian catering market has a high rate of development and is one of the most promising for business.

Thus, the average payback in this segment is a period of 1-3 years, which is an excellent indicator. In this regard, many of our fellow citizens are thinking about opening their own catering establishment. In the article, we will try to answer questions about how to open your restaurant, cafe or bar, where to start and what steps need to be taken to realize this goal.

I want to open a restaurant: where do I start? It is necessary to decide which type of institution (at least approximately) you are going to open:

  • According to the format. Bar, dining room, fast food, family cafe, fashionable restaurant, “for your own” institution – the choice is wide. As practice shows, for beginners, “classical city cafes” are most often “successful”, without the complexities and features inherent in all target institutions.

  • By price level. This criterion is often, but not always, dependent on the previous one. Usually one of the significant limitations here is the budget of the beginning restaurateur: the higher the level of the institution, the greater the cost of opening it. Experts do not recommend newcomers to start with expensive restaurants – the public is very demanding, investments and risks are too high. The optimal solution will be the opening of a democratic casual-establishment.
  • By the type of kitchen. Usually the interior and the desired location of the establishment depend on the type of kitchen. Japanese, Russian, Italian, Georgian or, perhaps, exotic Peruvian? Here experts recommend not to complicate your task and choose the one in which you understand: for beginners are good concepts of Russian or simple European cuisine.
  • For the maximum number of guests. The cost of the arrangement of the institution is directly proportional to the number of seats. No matter how great the temptation to open a large restaurant immediately, it is better to confine yourself to a room for 30-80 guests.

  • So, at the moment almost all experienced restaurateurs recommend newcomers to open institutions of the format of a “democratic” cafe or restaurant, where they serve local, European or mixed cuisine and alcohol. The hall should be designed for the average number of visitors. It should be remembered that circumstances can make the most unexpected changes in the plans: after the calculations, the expected costs will exceed the possibilities, the rented premises will not fit the original concept, but it will be perfect in everything else. Therefore, it is optimal to think over a few comfortable concepts of the institution’s style and type of cuisine and be ready to make some changes to the planned menu and price policy.

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