Dyson V7 Review


The long-awaited novelty of 2017 – the wireless vacuum cleaner Dyson V7 pleased fans of the company not only with its bright design, but also with a lot of nice additions and features. So, in comparison with Dyson V6, the novelty differs the increased capacity of suction; a battery with a long operating time; less weight. In fact, the new model represents the golden mean between the original wireless vacuum cleaner Dyson V6 and the flagship Dyson V8.

Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Review

Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum

One of the main differences between the novelty and the previous model of the vacuum cleaner lies precisely in the battery. It gives the vacuum cleaner 10 minutes more wireless operation without loss in suction power. The total duration of the vacuum cleaner without recharging is 30 minutes. In turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner works for 6 minutes. Another nice feature is the smaller weight of the battery with its high power, due to which the vacuum cleaner itself weighs only 2.3 kilograms. On the battery are provided light indicators indicating the current state of the charge.

Design, made in the corporate style of Dyson, pleases the eye with a bright coloring – a combination of steel and fuchsia. This makes it the most original model in the company’s family of wireless vacuum cleaners. Just like the V6 and V8, the vacuum cleaner has a convenient wall mount, taking up a minimum of room in the room.

The model not only became much more powerful, but also quieter than the V6. The noise suppression system makes the vacuum cleaner work as quiet as possible. If the house has small children who do not want to wake up during the harvesting or you just can not tolerate extraneous sounds – the Dyson V7 will be the perfect choice.

The presented model easily turns into a manual vacuum cleaner of high power. With its help, you can easily clean up dirt in the most inaccessible places, from soft furniture and ending with the car’s interior. The low weight of the vacuum cleaner makes cleaning quite easy.

The maximum quality of cleaning carpets – a vacuum cleaner is 75% more effective to get rid of the most difficult carpet dirt due to the special design of the brush. A soft brush for hard coatings can quickly cope with dirt on the floor.Easy cleaning of the dust collector is another nice feature of the Dyson V7. The volume of the dust collector is 27% more than in V6, and dust removal occurs in one step. In this model is similar to the flagship V8.

Package Contents & Models Dyson V7

The standard version of the vacuum cleaner includes 4 nozzles. The main electric nozzle Dyson Direct Drive with carbon and nylon bristles is designed to clean dust and debris from various coatings. Another 3 in the kit differ in size, so you can easily choose the best option, depending on the situation.

Vacuum cleaner Dyson V7 is available in three variations:

  1. Dyson V7 Total Clean.
  2. Dyson V7 AnimalPro +.
  3. Dyson V7 Motorhead.

Vacuum cleaners differ in the cost and number of attachments in the kit. Dyson V7 Animal is available with an optional Dyson Mini Motorized brush for cleaning in a house with animals. And Dyson V7 Total Clean is equipped with a soft brush for better cleaning of hard surfaces.

Dyson V7 hand vacuum cleaner

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The convenience of use

In general, this is a very ergonomic, compact, powerful and convenient in all respects model that has absorbed the best features of modern wireless vacuum cleaners. Also Dyson V7 is much more powerful than the original V6 and combines many technologies and features of the V8.

Who will use the vacuum cleaner Dyson V7? Without false modesty, you can say that the model will take a worthy place in every house where they appreciate purity and love stylish, modern, innovative equipment.


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