Breville Mixers Reviews & Comparison

Stationary mixers

A rare modern housewife manages in her kitchen without a mixer. Prepare homemade mayonnaise, whip cream for cake, make fluffy and elastic egg foam for biscuit – it’s very difficult to do it by hand, so the mixer firmly holds leading positions in almost all kitchens.

Breville Mixers Reviews & Comparison

Manufacturers and strive to modernize such a familiar device as a mixer, equipping it with additional attachments, functions and in every way trying to simplify its use.
 What modern mixers are the markets surprising today and which models became the sales leaders by the end of 2018? We offer a short excursion to kitchen assistants from the category of “must-have”.

Nuances of choice

To choose the optimum mixer for yourself it is important to consider how often it will be used and with what “substances” mainly work.
 Hand mixersHand mixers – the most common and most accessible type of electric “whiskers”.
 They are easy to use and do not take up much space in the kitchen cabinets. In order to prepare a hand mixer for work, it will take literally a minute – to select the necessary nozzles, install them and set the necessary power.
 Virtually all cases of hand models are made of dense plastic. The metal case will only weight the design, as a result, work with such a mixer in a couple of minutes will respond with fatigue of the hands and tensed muscles.
 In the set of nozzles most often there is a pair of coronals and a pair of kneading hooks. The nozzle can be larger, but more often these two pairs are used.
 Sometimes mixers are supplemented with blender nozzles and glasses for them, but it is important to understand that the mixer will not be able to fully replace the blender or juicer, so if it is necessary to have both devices, it is better to purchase them separately.
 One of the most important parameters in any mixer is power. To knead the dough, you will need a device with a power of at least 400 watts, and for mixing and whipping the ingredients it will be quite enough and 300 watts. If the mixer is equipped with additional twists in the form of a blender and a chopper, then for effective operation it will come in handy not less than 450-500 W.
Stationary mixers
 Stationary mixers are noteworthy in that they do not need to be kept on weight during operation – they are installed on a special stand.
 Mixing of ingredients takes place in a fixed bowl, which can be made of plastic, glass or metal.
 What’s remarkable, a stationary mixer can work as manual, it’s enough to just take it off the stand. Such mixers usually have a higher power, which makes it possible not to think, but will “take” it to mix the steep dough.
 The main disadvantage of stationary devices is their size and higher cost (in comparison with manual ones). But this is more than compensated by the ease of use and “free hands”.
 Another, later, version of stationary mixers – planetary. They can be safely attributed to professional technology, because they have more power, reliability and are designed for long loads, even when kneading the steepest test.
 Their “cosmic” name comes from the fact that during the work the coronets not only rotate, but also move in a peculiar orbit, which leaves no chance for clumps and uneven mixing of the ingredients, covering almost the entire area of ​​the bowl.
 They work completely autonomously, the hostess needs only to add ingredients in time, and the machine will do everything on its own.
 The nozzles in the planetary machines look somewhat different, but the functions perform the same. Necessarily in the complete set there will be a big whisk, a hook or a nozzle for the test.
 Almost all such models have metal cases and bowls. Some heaped models are equipped with additional features and attachments, such as a meat grinder, chopper or juicer, which brings the “mixer” closer to the food processor.
 The main disadvantages are their high cost, so this acquisition will be more important for those who often work with a variety of types of dough and products – such a device will greatly facilitate the cooking process.

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