Breville Juicers Reviews And Comparison

Masticating Juicers

It’s now important to be more conscious of what we eat, drink and our lifestyle. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of death is due to the things we, and the things we don’t do. Some of the most common cause of death includes cancer, heart disease, and so on.


These diseases develop as a result of some of what we consume and how we live our lives. However, nature has made everything easier for us, fruits that are abundant in every part of the earth can protect us from developing a lot of diseases, and also help us control our weight. Although most fruits are not therapeutic, they have some important constituents
that can boost our body immunity, and at the same time provide us with some natural vitamins. Some of these vitamins include Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and so on. Some of these vitamins that we get from fruits contain anti-oxidants, that removes free radicals from the body, which hitherto could lead to the development of cancer. The important of fruit in our diet led to the development of the Juicer, an example of which is the Breville Juicer. People are now trying to live healthy, by eating the right food, and eliminating artificial drinks, such as soda and energy drinks. Juicing is fast becoming a lifestyle. This can be attributed to the fact that more people are trying to lose weight, and stay fit. Also, drinking juice helps to achieve a clearer skin, and in the long run, prolongs life.


What’s The Purpose Of Buying A Juicer?

Breville Juicers Reviews And Comparison

The purpose of getting a juicer is pretty simple. First, a juicer makes the process of juicing really fast and simple. This is the primary reason for using a juicer. Also, considering the ease associated with juicing when using a juicer. More people would be motivated to juice, thereby people become healthier. Lastly, a juicer helps in extracting more juice from the fruits, as opposed to doing that with our hands.


What Are The Types Of Juice Extractors?


Juiceextractors can be divided into two types. These are the masticating juicers and the centrifugal juicers. Choosing the one to buy can be a difficult thing to do. However, there are some conditions you’d need to consider before choosing one. Some of the factors include how often you’d be using the juicer, also having some information about the advantages and disadvantages of each also helps.


Masticating Juicers:

Masticating Juicers

  • This type of juicer is also known as cold press juicers. The masticating juicers are more expensive than the centrifugal juicers. However, this is quite reasonable as they produce more juice than the centrifugal juicers. Below are some points that might make you settle for the masticating juicers;
  • They are capable of extracting juice from fruits that have a low amount of fluid.
    The same applies to vegetables. The masticating juicers are more effective in
    getting the juice out of fruits and
    vegetables. However, it’s work becomes easy when extracting juice from fruits
    that have an abundance of it.
  • It’s versatile, as it works with both dry fruits and wet fruits.
  • The only downside to using a masticating juicer is that it takes a long time to
    operate. This is because you’d have to cut and chop the fruits and vegetables
    into small sizes before putting them in the juicer.


Centrifugal Juicers:

Centrifugal Juicers

  • This type of juicer uses centrifugal forces in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Although, they are more efficient when working on all types of fruit, regardless of the softness. However, they don’t do well when it comes to leafy greens. However, there are some other reasons that might steer you in the direction of this
  • The centrifugal juicer is cheaper, as compared to the masticating juicer. Some
    people are not about the intricacies and complexities of juicing. They just
    want to make a simple smoothie and get it moving. This juicer would make sense
    for you if you’re not too particular about the nutritional advantage of the
    masticating juicer.
  • As mentioned earlier, the masticating juicer takes a lot of time. On the other
    hand, the centrifugal juicer is faster. So if you don’t have a lot of time for
    juicing, this might be appropriate for you.
  • It’s easier to get a centrifugal juicer. In fact, it’s just like walking into a
    store to get a blender. As a matter of fact, most television commercials are on
    centrifugal juicers, which increases their availability.

Overall, Breville makes the best juicers. They have the best masticating and also centripetal juicers. So, regardless of which you choose to go for, your mind should be at rest, as long as it is Breville.

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