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Bosch MSM 88190

For quite some time the most popular products are the European brands Bosch, Braun and Philips. The model range of these companies is very wide and is represented by blenders with different bundles and in different price categories. And traditionally high quality, efficiency and stylish design only strengthen the positions of leaders. 16 vitamix blender reviews Bordinjaklor.

Best inexpensive immersion blenders without extra attachments

Bosch MSM 66110

Bosch MSM 66110

A reliable and powerful model from the German brand is best suited to those users who need, in fact, a blender, rather than a multifunctional device with a lot of attachments. It can be, for example, a great help if the house already has a food processor, but it is often difficult to get it, collect it and disassemble it for the sake of simple actions lasting several minutes.

Bosch MSM 66110 – hand blender with one speed and additional turbo mode (separate button). Its submerged leg is made of high quality and durable stainless steel, and the knives are 4 sharp blades for quick and efficient grinding and subsequent mixing of products. The device is equipped with a motor power of 600 watts. The handle of the drive is made in an ergonomic design and has a special non-slip coating. The kit includes a measuring cup with a scale.

The main advantages:
Qualitative assembly;
Proven brand;
Democratic price;
Good power.
Simple equipment;
One high-speed mode.

Feedback about Bosch MSM 66110:

Rated 5
Pros: The purchase is very satisfied, good and fast all stirs, you can use for hot products. It takes up little space, without extra extra baits. I got exactly what I wanted and expected from this thing!
Betty Barnes.

Rated 5
Pros: Good value for money!
Comment: Everything suits! Such a blender and looking for!
Ariana Edwards.

Bosch MSM 66050

Bosch MSM 66050

A relatively inexpensive blender from Bosch with enhanced functionality, thanks to the presence of a set-topping beater for whipping creams and sauces, as well as a bowl-chopper for cheese, greens, onions, nuts and other products.

The blender leg is made of heat-resistant plastic and equipped with a knife with 4 blades made of stainless steel. The nozzle is removed very easily using the button. You can clean it in the dishwasher.

The blender engine is powerful enough – 600 Watts. And this is more than enough to ensure all the functions declared for the model. Control consists of a controller with 12 speed modes, power buttons and “Turbo”.

The main advantages:
Non-slip surface of the handle;
Convenient management;
Decent power.
Plastic foot;
Small amount of chopper.

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Feedback about Bosch MSM 66050:

Rated 5
Pros: Very comfortable to hold in hand, made mayonnaise, fruit smoothies, milkshakes, I do not regret buying.
Disadvantages: So far there has not been, but time will tell.
Blake Cox

The Best Powerful Hand-held Blenders

Bosch MSM 87140

Optimum in price quality ratio, Bosch blender attracts completely with metal performance of the case, endurance and compactness. Works very quickly, silently and qualitatively, without any problems, makes minced meat, pies ice, whips home mayonnaise.
Main characteristics:

Power – 750 W
Mechanical control, 12 speeds
Chopper, measuring cup
Turbo mode
Owners of this unit most often do not find in it a single defect, complaining only that at such a powerful device the volume of the chopper (0.6 l) could be more. In the complete set there is no corolla, however, with the function of whipping, the nozzle-foot works well.

Feedback about Bosch MSM 87140:

Rated 4
Pros: Quiet, powerful, copes with any products. Smooth speed adjustment.
Disadvantages: Heavy.
Bella Cruz.

Rated 5
Advantages: large buttons – convenient. It works relatively quietly, the vibration is minimal. You can wash in the dishwasher. There are grinds for nuts, cheese, meat, etc. The glass goes with the school, it makes it easier to prepare dishes, you can immediately see what and how much it turned out. Many speeds.
Disadvantages: I personally do not see any shortcomings in it
Amara Diaz

Bosch MSM 88190

Bosch MSM 88190

A stylish and modern submersible blender, the functionality of which allows you to replace such a noticeably more bulky device as a food processor. And it is possible, thanks to good drive power (800 W) and a universal set of accessories:

Classic blender attachment;
Stainless whisk for whipping;
Chopper for a small amount of products and a knife for ice splitting;
Nozzle-combine, in which knives for grinding can be used, 4 special inserts for grating / cutting / shredding, element for kneading dough;
The control consists of a 12-speed regulator, a power button and a separate for turbo mode. The main drive unit and the blender foot are made of stainless steel. The upper part is provided with a non-slip coating, and the separation of the lower nozzle is easily accomplished by means of a button.

The main advantages:
A long enough twisted cord;
The lid can not be washed;
No nozzles for mashed potatoes.

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